Tuesday, August 25, 2009

TV Geek Out 95: Mad Men, "Out of Town"

Mad Men's season three premiere "Out of Town" may have been the series' most action-packed season opener yet: things happened, from its grim flashback revealing the origins of Dick Whitman's first name to the rivalry between Sterling Cooper's new heads of accounts, Pete and Ken. Other things almost happened, like Sal's and Don's interrupted flings. Layers, disguises and uniforms were also major themes of the episode, along with life at the agency under British rule -- and even the new characters' names, John Hooker and Mr. Pryce (played by the amazing Jared Harris), were rife with symbolism. Here's to another season of Mad Men to analyze endlessly! Come do the Pete Campbell dance of glee with us while the TV Geek Out geeks dissect it all here.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

TV Geek Out 94: True Blood, "Scratches"

Who's been makin' those scratches? Looks like it's a creepy, Minotaur-like monster with bull horns and giant claws! Things really got rolling with "Scratches," packing in an epic Bill/Sookie fight, the aforementioned monster attack, the destructions of Pam's favorite pumps and a little person doctor to supernatural beings in quick succession. That's not even mentioning Lafayette's rescue from Fangtasia, the beginning of Jason and Sarah's inevitable affair or yet another of Maryann's parties (this time featuring ultra-creepy black eyes on some of the revelers)! Best of all, however, had to be the blossoming romance between Jessica and Hoyt. Dana and Heather geek out about young love and True Blood's other delights here.