Saturday, May 22, 2010

TV Geek Out 149: Lost, "The Candidate"

The Lost episode "The Candidate" is perhaps the most devastating of them all. On the island, UnLocke tries to convince Jack to leave with everyone, while Widmore throws the Losties into the polar bear cages. Team Smokey soon busts them out, and they head for the Ajira plane, but they ditch their aerial escape plan when UnLocke finds a bomb there. They instead head for the sub, where Widmore's people engage them in a firefight. Kate gets shot, and Jack and everyone else end up on the sub, sans Claire and Smokey. They soon discover UnLocke's true treachery when they find the bomb in Jack's backpack, and Jack argues that they'll be fine if they do nothing. Sawyer just doesn't have faith in Jack, and tries to defuse the bomb. When that doesn't work, Sayid sacrifices himself for their safety, and Jin and Sun also die. In the Sideways world, Jack tries to convince Locke to let him fix his paralysis, but Locke refuses. Jack sets out to find out why Locke is resistant, and meets Bernard Nadler and Anthony Cooper in the process. Jack tries one more time to convince Locke, but he's too guilt-ridden to give in. TV geeks Dana, Heather, and Perry mourn the loss of Jin, Sun, Sayid, and maybe Lapidus, and discuss Jin's controversial decision to stay on the sinking sub with his beloved Sun. Listen in here!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

TV Geek Out 148: Lost, "The Last Recruit"

TV Geek Out covers "The Last Recruit," in which UnLocke's plans are in full swing as the Losties reunite. He has a little chat with Jack and orders zombie Sayid to kill Desmond, but Des might just talk his way out of that fate. Back at Camp Smokey, Sawyer and Kate conspire with the others to ditch UnLocke and escape via sub. Crazy Claire tags along, and Jack jumps ship after a tense talk with Sawyer. Meanwhile, Widmore wants his package back, and starts firing missiles at the island. UnLocke saves Jack, thus acquiring his "last recruit." In Sideways-land, Locke is rushed to the hospital, where Sun and Jin arrive at the same time, and she recognizes Locke. Cop Sawyer flirts with Kate, and then joins Miles to arrest Sayid -- yay, more Ford & Straume! The charmingly creepy Desmond takes Claire to his lawyer (Ilana!), who introduces Claire to her half-sibling, Jack. And Jack gets called to the hospital to party with Locke's dural sac. TV geeks Perry, Heather, and Dana discuss all of this, as well as Ben's adorable attentiveness to Mr. Locke, Widmore's treacherousness, and the the long-awaited reunion of the Kwons. Listen in here!