Sunday, July 31, 2011

TV Geek Out 211: True Blood, "She's Not There"

TV Geek Out begins our coverage of True Blood's 4th season with this discussion of the crazy season premiere, "She's Not There." The episode picks up right where things left off, with Sookie arriving in faerie-land and running into not only Barry the bellboy, but her long-lost grandfather! She quickly sees through the utopic illusion, though, and the scene devolves into a hectic battle as she runs for her life. When she escapes back to Bon Temps, she finds that things are not at all as she left them, as more than a year has passed -- while she feels like it was less than a half hour. The rest of the episode is spent catching up with all the people, and vampires, in her life -- a well as introducing a bunch of new characters. Jason is a cop, Andy's a V addict, Arlene's baby is possibly evil, Tara's a lesbian cage fighter, etc., etc. There's also Jesus' introduction of Lafayette to a witches' coven headed up by a woman named Marnie. However, the BIG developments are that Bill is now the king of Louisiana, and Eric has bought Sookie's house in a bid to make her his! Listen in as TV geeks Heather and Dana chat about all the bat-shit craziness here!