Tuesday, November 29, 2011

TV Geek Out 226: Boardwalk Empire, "A Dangerous Maid"

Nucky sends a lobster flying, a Victrola saves a life, and Van Alden learns what a script is -- "A Dangerous Maid" has all this and more, and it's only the third episode of Boardwalk Empire's second season! Both Eddie Cantor and Al Capone are in A.C., the former to see the cooped-up, pregnant showgirl Lucy, the latter to deliver some bad news to Nucky and to visit "Jimmy Irish." There's plenty of disheartening news to go around, as Nucky learns that Attorney General Daugherty can't help with his election-fraud case, Rothstein forces Lucky and Meyer into a harsh deal with Joe Masseria to keep the peace, and Margaret's roundabout attempt to reach out to her estranged family leaves her in tears. Meanwhile, the Commodore Conspirators Club continues their attack on Nucky, this time foiling his bootlegging business via the Coast Guard, but Nucky has a new secret weapon, badass Irishman Owen Sleater, whose special skill of getting people to stop "whatever it is you don't want them to be doing" is already coming in handy. Listen in as TV geeks Heather, Dana, and Perry discuss all the goings-on here!