Friday, October 7, 2011

TV Geek Out 222: Emmys 2011 Chat

TV Geek Out discusses this year's recent Emmys broadcast in this brief chat. Listen in to hear what Perry, Dana, and Heather had to say about the festivities, from our favorite wins and most frustrating losses to our thoughts on Jane Lynch's hosting skills and the layout of the show. Check it all out here!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

TV Geek Out 221: Boardwalk Empire, "Paris Green"

Murder in various forms hangs over "Paris Green," the penultimate episode of Boardwalk Empire’s first season. Starting with a doozy of a twist regarding the revelation of Jimmy’s father and ending with an even bigger announcement about the true cause of the Commodore’s season-long illness, this episode also features Van Alden performing a decidedly un-Christian act during a baptism ceremony. Listen in as TV geeks Heather, Perry, and Dana unravel one of the most explosive episodes in the show’s history. Check it out here!