Tuesday, March 1, 2011

TV Geek Out 198: True Blood, "9 Crimes"

TV Geek Out discusses the 4th episode of season 3 of True Blood, "9 Crimes," which opens with Bill coldly dumping Sookie over the phone. Though he's giving in to his baser nature, he tells Lorena he will never love her (and punches her in the face!). Sookie has a good cry, but she still wants to find Bill, so she and Alcide go back to Lou Pine's (with her in bad-girl disguise courtesy of his sister); Russell shows up there and feeds his blood to the werewolves, Debbie is branded into the pack, and Sookie has to make a quick exit when they all start to turn. Back in Bon Temps, Franklin is holding Tara captive on his motel toilet, Bud retires and makes Andy the new sheriff, and Sam hires Jessica as a hostess. Sam also makes the questionable decision to put his trashy family up in one of his rentals, on the condition that they stop drinking and stealing (riiiight). Lafayette gets into trouble in Hotshot when he tries to sell V to the dealers there, but Eric comes to his rescue and closes the deal. Eric's got bigger problems back at Fangtasia, though, when the Magister shows up, finds his V stash, and tortures Pam. Meanwhile, Russell makes Bill procure a stripper for them and Lorena, and they chow down on her as the episode comes to a close. None of that is as fun as Eric's big lovestruck night-dream about Sookie, however, and TVGO's Heather and Dana geek out about that and more here!