Friday, June 24, 2011

TV Geek Out 206: True Blood, "Night on the Sun"

TV Geek Out covers the eighth episode of True Blood's third season, "Night on the Sun," in which many characters are either gettin' busy or kicking butt -- or sometimes both. After Sookie ends things with Bill at the hospital, he tries to release Jessica from his control, but she refuses and they bond while he teaches her some fighting skills. Lafayette's mom runs away from the mental hospital and pays him a visit, bringing Jesus back into Lafayette's life when he comes to get her. Crystal shows up at Jason's having left Hotshot and Arlene hires a new waitress, but the big events are the knock-down, drag-out brawl between Sookie and Debbie in the Stackhouse home (as well as Bill's and Jessica's werewolf battles downstairs) and Eric's shocking murder of Talbot! TV geeks Dana and Heather discuss all this -- and Bill and Sookie's seeming inability to ever truly break up -- here!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

TV Geek Out 205: True Blood, "Hitting the Ground"

TV Geek Out covers "Hitting the Ground," the seventh episode of season 3, in which both Lorena and the Magister shockingly meet the true death, and Sookie and Tara complete their daring escape from Russell's Mississippi estate. Unfortunately, during the getaway, a famished Bill ends up overpowering and nearly killing Sookie in his thirst for blood; then, while at the hospital, she visits a fantastical-seeming realm and meets a strange woman named Claudine.... Elsewhere, Sam infiltrates a dog-fighting ring and rescues Tommy from his family's clutches, and Eric learns the truth about what Sookie is (but we don't!). Listen in as TV geeks Dana and Heather discuss all this and more here!