Wednesday, October 14, 2009

TV Geek Out 104: Fringe, "Ability"

In this key season-one episode, Fringe took an even bigger leap than usual into the far reaches of theoretical science with its first mention of the multiverse -- a concept that has since proven to be crucial to the show's narrative. Also introduced are the experimental drug Cortexiphan and the bizarre ZFT manifesto. The totally creepy and disgusting case of the week brought us the $2 bills of DOOM, filled with a deadly powder that closes all of one's orifices and haunts TVGO geek Heather's dreams. In addition, we got the return of the awesome Mr. Jones, last seen teleporting out of his maximum-security prison cell to Little Hill. Fresh from his fortnight spent in a decompression chamber, Jones did the unthinkable and turned himself in to the FBI, demanding to speak to Agent Dunham. His visit was filled with all kinds of villainous goodness, including "reconfiguring" Agent Harris' expensive watch, testing Olivia's abilities beyond the laws of science, and showing everyone that they'd better think twice before trying to fool him in the future -- all before seemingly growing deathly ill and then busting through a hospital wall like a nerdy, British Incredible Hulk. TVGO geeks Dana and Heather stare down some light bulbs and discuss all the exciting goings-on here.