Saturday, September 24, 2011

TV Geek Out 219: Boardwalk Empire, "Belle Femme"

TV Geek Out continues our first-season coverage of Boardwalk Empire with this discussion of episode 9, "Belle Femme," in which Margaret learns she has more power with Nucky than she realized when she intercedes on Madame Jeunet's behalf. After some initial friction over the matter with Nucky, he gives in and Margaret ends up with a fancy new dress. Jimmy's return to Atlantic City is the other big development in this episode -- Van Alden gets pissed at Agent Sebso for withholding Jimmy's telegrams announcing his return, Angela's threesome with the Dittrichs is stopped before it even begins when Jimmy arrives with no warning, and Nucky wastes no time in telling Jimmy to "take care" of the D'Alessio brothers now that he's back in town. When Jimmy nabs Luciano from his own mother's bed for questioning (and probably death), he's foiled by Van Alden and arrested, with Lucky living up to his name and going free. But Van Alden's whole case against Jimmy goes up in gunsmoke when Sebso kills the witness while supposedly transferring him to New York City for safety. All that, and the D'Alessios take a shot at Nucky right on the Boardwalk, splattering Margaret's fine new frock with the blood of an innocent bystander and giving Eddie a chance to demonstrate his surprising marksmanship as he saves the day. TV geeks Perry, Heather, and Dana discuss all this, Perry reveals his long-time love of songstress Sophie Tucker, and the Geek Out crew tackles the complex machinations at play as A.C. nears the big election of 1920. Check it all out here!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

TV Geek Out 218: Boardwalk Empire, "Hold Me in Paradise"

TV Geek Out is back to finish up our coverage of Boardwalk Empire's first season! Here we discuss the eighth episode, "Hold Me in Paradise," in which Nucky takes a trip to Chicago for the Republican Convention and wheels and deals his way around town, eventually supporting the nomination of Warren Harding for president. Back in Atlantic City, Eli is temporarily in charge, and manages to start a porn fire and get shot in the gut while the casino is being held up. Meanwhile, Margaret has a run-in with Lucy and ends up slapping her, Van Alden's wife wants an expensive procedure to cure her infertility, and Angela hasn't been getting any money, or even a letter, from Jimmy. TV geeks Perry, Heather, and Dana discuss all this and more, including the tensions between Nucky and Jimmy, how Rothstein resembles a ventriloquist's dummy, and what Margaret might do with the incredibly detailed incriminating information she discovers in Nucky's ledger. Listen in here!