Thursday, January 21, 2010

TV Geek Out 121: Late Night Wars

There hasn’t been a television story as Shakespearean as Leno’s return to The Tonight Show in quite some time, and of course it fascinates us TV geeks, so listen in as Perry, Dana, and Heather declare their allegiance to Team Coco, analyze how much fun this all is for David Letterman, and ponder where Conan lands his next gig. Check it all out here.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

TV Geek Out 120: Lost, "Namaste"

TV Geek Out continues our coverage of season 5 of Lost with our discussion of "Namaste." Many of the original Oceanic 815 survivors reunite in '70s Dharmaville, but it isn't as joyous an occasion as the Oceanic 6 might have expected. Actually posing more of a problem than a solution, Kate, Jack, and Hurley have to be snuck in as new Dharma recruits, and Sayid is mistaken as a Hostile -- and taken prisoner -- when he stumbles in a little late. Meanwhile, 30 years later on Hydra Island, Ben gets his 50th beat-down after Sun and Lapidus join him for a stroll in the jungle. The pilot and Sun take the outriggers to the main island and find the Ghost-town Dharmaville of the present, where Sun learns that she's got a loooong journey ahead of her if she wants to find Jin! TV Geek Out geeks Heather, Perry, and Dana ponder all the goings-on here.