Tuesday, January 19, 2010

TV Geek Out 120: Lost, "Namaste"

TV Geek Out continues our coverage of season 5 of Lost with our discussion of "Namaste." Many of the original Oceanic 815 survivors reunite in '70s Dharmaville, but it isn't as joyous an occasion as the Oceanic 6 might have expected. Actually posing more of a problem than a solution, Kate, Jack, and Hurley have to be snuck in as new Dharma recruits, and Sayid is mistaken as a Hostile -- and taken prisoner -- when he stumbles in a little late. Meanwhile, 30 years later on Hydra Island, Ben gets his 50th beat-down after Sun and Lapidus join him for a stroll in the jungle. The pilot and Sun take the outriggers to the main island and find the Ghost-town Dharmaville of the present, where Sun learns that she's got a loooong journey ahead of her if she wants to find Jin! TV Geek Out geeks Heather, Perry, and Dana ponder all the goings-on here.

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