Monday, January 3, 2011

TV Geek Out 191: True Blood, "It Hurts Me Too"

TV Geek Out covers "It Hurts Me Too," the third episode of True Blood's third season. Eric takes out a werewolf in Sookie's home, but only after she's heard him think "Jackson," which they soon figure out means the city in Mississippi. She's determined to go there in search of Bill, so Eric sends the (good) werewolf Alcide to watch over her and help her in her mission. Elsewhere, Tara has a steamy one-night stand with a mysterious vampire in a seedy motel. She and Sookie later make up when Sook pays for Eggs' funeral service. Sam returns to Bon Temps, but unfortunately for him, his birth family follows him and starts to cause trouble. Meanwhile, in Jackson, Lorena recovers from her burns, and Bill gives in to the king's wishes in order to protect Sookie. In a dream, he flashes back to the last time he saw his human wife, after he'd become a vampire; the experience was so traumatic for her that he had to glamour her into forgetting it. Bill's so forlorn in the present day that he has extreme hate sex with Lorena, leading to perhaps the show's most disturbing moment ever! In other events, Jason wants to become a police officer, Arlene is indeed pregnant, but with Rene's baby(!), Lafayette's got a new Bentley, Sheriff Bud Dearborn quits, and much more. TV geeks Heather and Dana discuss all the crazy goings-on here!