Tuesday, September 6, 2011

TV Geek Out 216: True Blood, "Me and the Devil"

TV Geek Out covers the fifth episode True Blood's 4th season, "Me and the Devil," which opens with Tommy killing both of his parents; Sam ends up helping his brother dispose of their bodies in the swamp, but not before they have a close call when they're pulled over by a V-addled Sheriff Andy Bellefleur. Meanwhile, Arlene and Terry have Rev. Daniels and his new wife, Lettie Mae, come to their home to perform an exorcism on the house, but it doesn't seem to work; Lafayette and Jesus set off for Mexico to see his brujo grandfather for some magical help; and Sookie visits Moon Goddess and gets an unusual psychic reading from Marnie. Also, Jason has a sexy dream about Jessica, with a special appearance by Hoyt(!), while Eric has a disturbing dream in which Godric urges him to drink from Sookie, but in the real world he resists, and by the end of the episode, the two are kissing passionately! In other events, Bill imprisons and questions Marnie, Sookie pisses Tara off yet again, and Pam spills the beans about Eric's location. Listen in as TV geeks Dana and Heather discuss all this and more here!

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