Friday, April 30, 2010

TV Geek Out 145: Lost, "The Package"

Sure, "The Package" is one of the better season-6 episodes of Lost, but it has a title that makes double entendre fans salivate. There’s Sun’s button-filled seduction of Jin, of course, but the highlight for any eternal 11-year-old is when Charles Widmore announces with great majesty that it’s time for him to show Jin The Package. We also get more Sideways Keamy, a two-eyed Sideways Mikhail, and find out how Jin wound up locked in a meat locker. On the island, Widemore's lackeys attack Camp Smokey and kidnap Jin, leading to a touching scene where he sees pictures of his daughter for for first time. Meanwhile, UnLocke tries to recruit Sun and she loses her ability to speak English; UnLocke visits Hydra Island and tells Widmore it's on; and Lapidus defends the sanctity of bacon. Listen as Heather, Perry, and Dana fail miserably at keeping a straight face while unpacking "The Package." Check it all out here.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

TV Geek Out 144: True Blood, "Hard-Hearted Hannah"

TV Geek Out continues our coverage of True Blood's second season with this discussion of "Hard-Hearted Hannah," which brought Bill's maker back in a big way. Lorena's return sparks a shocking flashback to the 1920s, where Bill and her seduce a wealthy couple and then feast on them in a sexual bloodbath. In the present, Lorena holds Bill hostage in his hotel room, having been summoned there by Eric, who is trying to drive a wedge between the brooding vamp and Sookie. Meanwhile, Hugo and Sookie go undercover at the Fellowship of the Sun church, but they're quickly found out and dragged to the basement. Back in Bon Temps, Sam and Daphne go for a nice run in animal form, but it ends badly when Daphne turns on him and hands him over to Maryann at her latest and most graphic orgy yet -- where it looks like Sam might be some kind of ceremonial sacrifice! In other news, Sarah and Jason get it on in the church, Hoyt adorably shows up in Dallas to see Jessica, and Lafayette suffers from some seriously trippy PTSD when he hallucinates Eric's head on Andy's body while the lawman heatedly questions him. TV geeks Heather and Dana discuss the controversial brutality displayed by Bill in the flashback, praise Terry for his awesome comforting skills with Lafayette, worry about the fate of Sam, and chat about all the other goings-on here!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

TV Geek Out 143: Lost, "Ab Aeterno"

"Ab Aeterno" was one of the most-hyped and anticipated episodes of Lost's final season, and it turned out to be one of the best. We finally learned the history of the mysterious Richard Alpert, and Nestor Carbonell made the most of this spotlight, giving Alpert's journey from an accidental murderer to Jacob's representative the gravity it needed. "Ab Aeterno" also gave viewers more insight into the long-simmering feud between Jacob and the Man in Black, making clear that their disagreement isn't just moral -- it's personal. Free of flash-sideways and an extra six minutes long, the episode felt as much like a stand-alone short movie as it did a part of Lost, delivering gorgeous atmosphere and cinematography as well as answers. We now know that the island is a cork keeping MIB's darkness in check, but just how bad will it be if he unstops the bottle? How good can Jacob really be if he brings people to the island against their will and offers little, if any, help for them to make good decisions? Dana, Perry and Heather discuss these topics and more here.