Friday, April 30, 2010

TV Geek Out 145: Lost, "The Package"

Sure, "The Package" is one of the better season-6 episodes of Lost, but it has a title that makes double entendre fans salivate. There’s Sun’s button-filled seduction of Jin, of course, but the highlight for any eternal 11-year-old is when Charles Widmore announces with great majesty that it’s time for him to show Jin The Package. We also get more Sideways Keamy, a two-eyed Sideways Mikhail, and find out how Jin wound up locked in a meat locker. On the island, Widemore's lackeys attack Camp Smokey and kidnap Jin, leading to a touching scene where he sees pictures of his daughter for for first time. Meanwhile, UnLocke tries to recruit Sun and she loses her ability to speak English; UnLocke visits Hydra Island and tells Widmore it's on; and Lapidus defends the sanctity of bacon. Listen as Heather, Perry, and Dana fail miserably at keeping a straight face while unpacking "The Package." Check it all out here.

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