Thursday, November 4, 2010

TV Geek Out 181: True Blood, "Bad Blood"

TV Geek Out returns to our True Blood coverage with this discussion of the third-season premiere, "Bad Blood." Events pick up right where they left off, with everyone in a bad state. Sookie is distraught that Bill's gone missing, and frustrated by human law enforcement's lack of interest in his disappearance. Jason's freaked out that he killed Eggs, and in one of the episode's best scenes, Andy tells him he has to act like his normal self if their cover-up is going to be believed -- "Conscience off, dick on!" Tara is beyond consolation over Eggs' death, and winds up locking herself in Lafayette's bathroom and downing a bunch of pills. Bill's stuck in a speeding car full of V-loving dudes, who set a new low for trashiness on the show as they greedily drink from him; he easily outwits them and escapes, but they eventually track him down and surround him -- in wolf form -- for the big cliffhanger! Meanwhile, Jessica's not dealing well with the fact that she's "accidentally" killed a trucker, and Hoyt fails in his attempt to reconcile with her and moves in with Jason. Sam's off in search of his birth parents and has an awesome sexy dream about Bill, Jason can't perform when he picks up two chicks, and Eric can apparently perform for six hours straight in his multipurpose dungeon. Add in a visit from the queen of Louisiana and the Magister, and TV geeks Dana and Heather had plenty to geek out about! Listen in as they discuss all this and much more here.