Tuesday, November 25, 2008

TV Geek Out 27: The Office, "Business Trip"

Michael, Oscar and Andy's jaunt to exotic Winnipeg in "Business Trip" resulted in some of the season's biggest developments. Andy was back to first base with Angela, Ryan and Kelly are back together, and Michael is alone again, naturally. Did Pam "come back the right way?" Was Darryl happy about his breakup with Kelly? Are butt-themed jokes a running gag this season? The TV Geek Out Geeks enjoy some "bad decisions in a glass" as they discuss these issues and more.

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Blair said...

You provided spot-on commentary about the episode, and you made a great point about how the relationships have been reset, something I didn’t notice on one viewing. In the long run, that might be the best way to sustain tension and interest, especially since a romantic resolution is often the kiss of death in a comedic relationship (“Get Smart,” “Moonlighting”).