Monday, December 8, 2008

TV Geek Out 34: Fringe, "In Which We Meet Mr. Jones" and "The Equation"

Fringe is already famed for its gory mysteries, but the parasite wrapped around a human heart in "In Which We Meet Mr. Jones" had to be one of the young show's creepiest moments so far. The TV Geek Out geeks geek out (and freak out!) about that, as well as the secret message buried in the parasite's DNA, Olivia's tense interview with THE Mr. Jones and Walter's use of Peter as a ventriloquist dummy for the dead. Also, DON'T look at the red and green lights! They're not festive Christmas decorations, but a method of inducing deep hypnosis in "The Equation." Math and music collide in a supposedly dead woman's obsessive quest to solve a mysterious equation. We discuss Dr. Bishop's disturbing trip back into the dark world of the mental institution, where he's trying desperately to obtain clues to help the team locate a kidnapped boy -- introducing us to two new intriguing characters at the asylum, played by the awesome guest actors Randall Duk Kim and William Sadler.

Check it out here.

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