Tuesday, December 23, 2008

TV Geek Out 44: The Office, "The Surplus"

While TV Geek Out Geek Dana was on a special mission, Perry and Heather watched "The Surplus" and geeked out about it immediately afterward -- no notes, no net, no nothing! Fortunately, this episode of The Office offered plenty of geek fodder: Dwight and Angela's surprise Mennonite wedding, the biggest conflict we've seen between Jim and Pam to date, and, of course, Team Copier vs. Team New Chairs. Like Michael in a Burlington Coat Factory, when we watch The Office, we're literally kings (and queens), and we can't help geeking out about it.

Check it out here.

1 comment:

Blair said...

Even though you two were just winging it, the podcast came off quite well, as if you had taken copious notes and rehearsed. You've got the TV Geek Out protocol down!