Monday, January 26, 2009

TV Geek Out 56: Lost, "The Lie"

Lost's fifth-season premiere continues with "The Lie," which focuses a little more on the events transpiring "3 years later." The lie the Oceanic 6 agreed upon has been eating away at Hurley, and it isn't helping any that he's got to deal with Weekend at Sayid's and a "ghost" visit from Ana Lucia -- not to mention the police. Ben visits the butcher's, Kate visits Sun, and Jack revives Sayid... But back on the lost-in-time island, things are getting even more perilous, with a surprise flaming arrow attack and blood-thirsty Brits who call the island theirs. Just when are they?? The TV Geek Out geeks discuss the logistics of Lost's time travel and what Ms. Hawking might have to do with it, geek out about Hot Pockets and I Heart Shih-Tzu T-shirts, and freak out about how creepy Ben is when he's clean, well-lit, and attempting to seem friendly.

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