Thursday, February 26, 2009

TV Geek Out 70: Lost, "This Place Is Death"

Lost took a trip in time to Rousseau's late-'80s backstory, now with added Jin, in the ominously titled "This Place Is Death." The smoke monster also made a dramatic return, prompting the TV Geek Out Geeks to ponder the nature of Smokey, from its fascinating array of sounds to the way it moves, kills, and transforms people. Locke took a plunge into the "underworld," leaving Sawyer with only a rope to hold on to, and did some vital repair work on the donkey wheel of time, but not before sustaining a brutal compound fracture and having a nice chat with Ghost Christian... or was that Jacob? The big news was Charlotte's death, though, and the fascinating expositional ramblings that preceded it. The L.A. story wasn't half bad, either, with Ben giving Jack and Sun a talking-to and Ms. Hawking's relationship to Faraday being confirmed by Desmond. The Geeks shed some tears for Dr. C.S. Lewis, geek out over the awesomeness of Jeremy Davies, clamor for a map of the island, and much more.

Check it out here.

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