Thursday, May 7, 2009

TV Geek Out 83: Fringe, "Bound"

Fringe got off to a slimy start with this first episode of 2009, which featured giant, spiky KILLER SLUGS that grew rapidly in victims' stomachs and then forced their way back up the digestive tract and out of their mouths. GROSS! They might have turned out to be super-sized versions of the common cold virus, but these single-cell creatures left their victims in need of more than a sick day. Adding to the ick factor was an unwanted spinal tap performed on Olivia while she was in captivity, but she quickly turned the tables and kicked some serious butt. All this and the reveal of a double agent in the FBI's midst! TV Geek Out Geeks Dana and Heather discuss all of this and the introduction of a sister and an adorable niece to Olivia Dunham's life.

Check it out here.

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Blair said...

Since "kicking ass" seems to be a theme of this episode and podcast, just thought I'd say TV Geek Out kicks ass, too! Glad you're back!