Sunday, May 31, 2009

TV Geek Out 85: Gossip Girl, "The Age of Dissonance"

Gossip Girl finally comes clean about its Edith Wharton worship! "The Age of Dissonance" used its allusions brilliantly, nodding to The Age of Innocence and Eyes Wide Shut and even including a cameo from New York Times drama critic Charles Isherwood. Blair is on the warpath, Nate gets to be just a normal dude, Serena and Vanessa are a surprisingly dynamic duo and Dan fiiiiinally sends Rachel packing. The only thing that keeps this episode from perfection is Chuck's still-kind-of-lame storyline of helping party girl/cipher Elle, but thankfully that plot is sent packing by the end of the show. The TV Geek Out Geeks even felt a little bit smarter after discussing this episode. Who would've thought?

Check it out here.

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