Tuesday, July 7, 2009

TV Geek Out 88: True Blood, "Nothing But the Blood"

True Blood is back, and the TV Geeks are rejoicing! With a title like "Nothing But the Blood," it's no surprise that the season-two premiere was rife with bone-chilling gore and violence -- laced with plenty of laughs, of course. Blood was everywhere in the episode, from a cardboard-cut finger to the brutal evisceration and dismemberment of a not-so-beloved side character. Yet one of the most strangely disturbing appearances of the red stuff was in a steamy sex scene between Sookie and Bill... but what's the more troubling element, the blood-play or the inevitably stained white bedspread? The TV Geek Out Geeks tackle that question, ponder the cleaning secrets of the undead (and Vampire Bill in particular), and talk about all the new goings-on in the endearingly quirky Bon Temps!

Check it out here.

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