Saturday, August 1, 2009

TV Geek Out 92: True Blood, "Keep This Party Going"

True Blood's second episode of the season keeps the party going, packing in plot developments left and right. Eric takes much of the limelight, asking tough questions like, "Is there blood in my hair?" and, "It's the new me... you like?" He also questions Lafayette about a certain "pussylover" associate of his and suffers the consequences of being a messy eater. Lafayette later manages a disgusting breakout from the Fangtasia dungeon, only to have a hilarious standoff with the dimwitted Ginger, leaving him with a bullet in his leg. Is his only way out death... or is UN-death an option? Meanwhile, a new bromance ensues when Jason and the Lukinator meet cute on the bus to Jesus camp -- but there's quickly trouble in paradise when Stackhouse becomes the Newlins' golden boy. Back in Bon Temps, Sookie and Jessica's bonding session leads to Sook getting completely fucked... and not by Bill! All this, a trip to Forever 21, and a sexed up dance-fest at Merlotte's give TV Geek Out Geeks Heather and Dana plenty to talk about, even if Jesus didn't ask them out today.

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