Thursday, September 10, 2009

TV Geek Out 97: True Blood, "Shake and Fingerpop"

The TV Geek Out geeks get back to covering the bloody good fun of True Blood's second season with this discussion of its fourth episode, "Shake and Fingerpop." It's Tara's birthday, and there's no one in Bon Temps to celebrate with... until Maryann conjures up another of her wild parties and the claws really come out. Meanwhile, across town, Lafeyette gets a rejuvenating late-night visit from bad-boy vamp Eric. At the Light of Day camp, Jason is punked, has a heated biblical debate, impresses the reverend with his shooting skills, and takes a bath in some hot ribs. In other events, Bill, Sookie, and Jessica fly to Dallas and Sook narrowly avoids abduction, but it turns out to be a teachable moment, as Jessica gets her first glamouring lesson. All this and the introduction of fellow telepath Barry the bellhop! Make the pre-medicated choice to crack open some doll-size bottles of booze and dig in to the hot vamp-on-vamp action here.

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