Tuesday, December 15, 2009

TV Geek Out 116: Mad Men, "Shut the Door. Have a Seat"

Well, after 12 episodes filled with death, change, and the dissolution of the Draper marriage, Mad Men’s third-season finale gave us something unexpected -- tons of fun. Don masterminds a plan to take control of his work life again, and enlists some unexpected help from one of the Brits, as well as from a former Sterling Cooper employee. Heather, Perry, and Dana geek out something fierce over this highly quotable episode that radically changes the Mad Men universe. Check out all the fun here.


Tee said...

no Supernatural dicussions? :,(

if your interested in anything Supernatural related than you totes should checkout http://spnmustpie.blogspot.com/ ;)

Dana said...

Hi, Tee. No, none of us watch Supernatural. I hear it's good, though. Just SO many shows to watch. I will have to check it out! I really liked Jensen Ackles on Dark Angel:) Thanks for the comment and the link!