Friday, February 19, 2010

TV Geek Out 128: Lost, "The Incident," Part 1

TVGO's discussion of the Lost season-5 finale, "The Incident," is so jam-packed that we're bringing it to you in two installments! Jacob makes a major debut, along with an as-yet-unnamed frenemy, whom he has a cryptic conversation with on the beach, long ago. Jacob also takes over the flashbacks for the episode, which reveal visits he's made to many of the characters, some at points in their childhoods and others much more recently. Back in the '70s, Kate ruins Sawyer and Juliet's submarine ride of love and convinces at least Juliet that they need to go back to the island to save the day. Jack is still determined to detonate the bomb at the Swan site and reset the past, along with Sayid -- who gets shot during their not-so-stealthy escape from Dharmaville -- and a van full of Hurley, Miles, and Jin. They're stopped in the road by Kate, Juliet, and Sawyer, who's got a gun pointed right at them. He asks Jack for a 5-minute talk, which quickly devolves into one of the most brutal beatdowns in Lost history. Juliet finally puts a stop to it by flip-flopping to the pro-detonation camp, and the plan is on. Lots of exciting action at the Swan site ensues, the bomb is dropped but fails to go off(!), and the energy pocket turns into a deadly magnet! Listen in as we chat about Jacob, debate the characters' motivations, and mourn the loss of our fair Juliet here.

And stay tuned for a discussion of the present-time island developments, as well as much more theorizing and geeking out, in the second part of our finale discussion!

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