Wednesday, March 24, 2010

TV Geek Out 137: Lost, "Sundown"

"Sundown"'s name played a trick on die-hard Lost fans, who had noticed that until then, the main character of each season-six episode mirrored those of season one. But instead of revolving around Sun like the name implies (good thing, too -- it sounds like she dies in it!), "Sundown" plunged Sayid into literal and spiritual darkness as night fell on the island. And unlike some of the more ruminative episodes before it, this one is action-packed, from Sayid and Dogen's brilliantly choreographed fight to Smokey playing smashy-smashy with the hapless Others who chose to stay in the temple rather than follow him. We also got a steely -- but still quite insane -- Claire, a take-charge Ilana, a bewildered Kate and a seriously creeped-out Ben, so you know this episode truly was dark. Meanwhile, Sayid's flash-sideways suggested that there may be some connection between the actions of the Losties on the island and their parallel fates. All of this sparked a TV Geek Out discussion about issues like life, death, fate, free will, Old and New Testament God -- you know, the little things. Check it out here.

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