Tuesday, May 25, 2010

TV Geek Out 150: Lost, "Across the Sea"

As Lost's final season wound down, the controversy around its episodes just rose. "Across the Sea," the tale of a young Jacob and Man (er, Boy) in Black, was easily among the most divisive hours of Lost ever -- fans either loved this deep dive into the show's mythology, complete with the reveal of who the Island's Adam and Eve were, or they hated spending any time away from their beloved characters in the show's precious last hours. Either way, "Across the Sea" was a bold move even for a show filled with them. It provided answers -- even if they weren't necessarily answers that fans wanted -- without spoon-feeding them, and featured just a handful of the show's regulars in flashbacks that were actually flash-forwards. Mark Pellegrino, Titus Welliver and special guest star Allison Janney as the protector of the island and the boys' unpredictable "mother" carried the episode, which showed the origins of the show's conflicts and black and white imagery, as well as the source of the island's power -- a glowing cave that had viewers fascinated and frustrated in equal measure. Perry, Dana and Heather navigate the dense terrain of "Across the Sea" here.

Bonus: Maybe Jacob and MIB never would have feuded if they'd been able to play Connect Four Million.

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