Monday, June 7, 2010

TV Geek Out 153: True Blood, "Release Me"

In "Release Me," the seventh episode of True Blood's second season, many characters are being held captive in one way or another -- from Sam, who almost gets sacrificed at Maryann's freakiest orgy party yet; to Sookie, who is being held in the Fellowship of the Sun church's basement; to Bill, who is being forcibly kept in his hotel room by his maker, Lorena. Amidst all of the crazy things going on in this jam-packed episode, the flashbacks to Bill and Lorena's final blowout fight before parting ways in the '30s offer some of the most dramatically juicy moments. TV geeks Heather and Dana engage in a thorough analysis of the pair's tumultuous relationship, discuss the different dynamic that Bill has with Sookie, and lament the latest heartbreak that's wearing on Sam's tortured soul. Listen in as they talk about all this and more in a truly epic True Blood conversation here!

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