Wednesday, July 28, 2010

TV Geek Out 159: Mad Men, "Public Relations"

And we're off! Mad Men's fourth season began by continuing one of season three's major themes: change. Not only were we treated to Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce's sleek, brightly lit new digs, where everyone is on much more equal footing, we saw Don Draper undergo some renovations too. They didn't come without growing pains: Clamming up in an interview, snapping at his maid, throwing out customers and getting slapped by an escort, Don is uncomfortable with what's expected of him until he figures out how to give people the image they want on his own terms. Meanwhile, we see how much Peggy has grown in the year between "Shut the Door, Have a Seat" and this episode, and how much Betty has conformed to her new role as Mrs. Henry Francis. Image control, damage control and selling yourself metaphorically and literally were some of "Public Relations"' main ideas, all presented in ways that felt new and like classic Mad Men at the same time. Get with the times and check out our discussion here.

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Tony said...

i thought id leave a comment about your review about the first episode of madmen. i enjoy listening to your talks and agree with most of what you guys said. but i found the comments on the actor and actress playing henry and his mom a little off putting. i have looked at a couple of untouched pics of both of them and even though he has gray hair looks quite younger the woman as the mother she looks quite older in the picture below she looks like her hair is also colored and is overweight which hides wrinkles. below are some pics to make the comparison. looking forward to your next installment.