Friday, November 26, 2010

TV Geek Out 187: Mad Men, "Tomorrowland"

In this installment, TV Geek Out analyzes Mad Men's season-four finale, "Tomorrowland," in greater detail than our initial-reactions discussion. Listen in to what Heather, Dana, and Perry had to say about the episode after we all had some time to reflect on the major turn of events in Don Draper's life. After a season of hitting what seemed like multiple rock bottoms, Don went on another trip to the West Coast and fell in love... with his secretary. Was becoming a cliché the only path to Don's salvation? The TVGO geeks discuss this and much more -- including Betty's firing of Carla, Peggy's continued savvy at work, the milkshake of destiny, and that unforgettable chat between the two most powerful, and underappreciated, women at SCDP -- here.

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