Thursday, February 3, 2011

TV Geek Out 195: Boardwalk Empire, "Broadway Limited" and "Anastasia"

TVGO's Heather and Dana discuss the 3rd and 4th episodes of Boardwalk Empire. In "Broadway Limited," Van Alden goes medieval on the newfound survivor of the roadside shooting, literally squeezing the name Jimmy out of him before he dies. Word travels fast, and Rothstein orders Luciano to take out Darmody. Perhaps lucky for Jimmy, Nucky's already banished him from town, so he heads to Chicago, but not before becoming suspicious of Angela and picking a fight with her as he leaves. Nucky also deals with the lynching of Chalky's driver and the ever-increasing cut that White wants of the bootlegging profits. As for the ladies, Nucky gets Margaret a job at high-end dress shop Belle Femme, where she later waits on his girlfriend, Lucy, in a tense exchange. In "Anastasia," Margaret is swept up in the news of the mysterious Russian woman claiming to be the missing Romanov princess. Meanwhile, Nucky is planning an elaborate "surprise" birthday party for himself -- and to wine and dine two political bigwigs. When Margaret goes to the party to deliver Lucy's dress, she gets swept up in all the opulence and Nucky is very taken with her. Later, after reading that "Anastasia" was a fraud and seeing Lucy with Nucky, the disillusionment leads Margaret to steal a camisole from the shop. Elsewhere, Eli arrests the leader of the local KKK under suspicion of the recent lynching, and puts White in charge of the interrogation, leading to one of the most memorable scenes of the season. In Chicago, Jimmy joins up with Capone, whose pranks are downright dangerous, and Jimmy takes up with prostitute Pearl, planning to go west with her. It's not to be, as Capone's brutish dealings with local gangsters lead to the slashing of Pearl's beautiful face. It was these two excellent episodes that finally turned Dana and Heather into Boardwalk Empire geeks, so check out why here!

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