Wednesday, April 27, 2011

TV Geek Out 200: Boardwalk Empire, "Nights in Ballygran" and "Family Limitation"

Boardwalk Empire finds its narrative footing halfway through the first season with "Nights in Ballygran" and "Family Limitation" (eps. 5 & 6), a pair of episodes that not only got the show's narrative drive operating at full steam (including Van Alden wrecking Nucky's annual Celtic Dinner, ward bosses being robbed, and the consummation of Nucky and Margaret's relationship), but also offered a wealth of character development including Eli's political ambitions, Pearl's tragic demise, and the revelation that Van Alden's inner demons force him to commit painful acts of self-flagellation. Join TV geeks Dana, Perry, and Heather as they wade through this dense two hours of television, create a new sound cue for their favorite Fed, and delve into the power dynamic between the show's many fascinating female characters. Check it all out here!

(The discussion of the second episode begins at about the 39:30 mark.)

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