Saturday, September 3, 2011

TV Geek Out 215: True Blood, "I'm Alive and on Fire"

TV Geek Out covers True Blood's fourth episode of season 4, "I'm Alive and on Fire," which opens with Eric totally drunk on faerie blood and very randy. When he runs off, Sookie enlists the help of Alcide to track him down. Meanwhile, Jason is still tied up in Hotshot, being gang-raped for his "ghost daddy" seed, but with a little help, he escapes, and takes out Felton when the werepanther chases after him. Back in Bon Temps, Bill finds out that Portia is a descendant of his and breaks off their romance. Proving they might be the worst parents in Louisiana, Melinda Mickens lures Tommy to meet her and then Joe Lee ambushes him and chains him like a dog. Elsewhere, Sookie grows closer to Eric and tells a big fat lie to Bill when he comes to her house intent on searching it for Eric. Jason rejects Crystal and is in really bad shape until Jessica heals him with her blood. And the episode ends with Marnie shockingly casting a rotting spell on Pam! Listen in as TV geeks Heather and Dana discuss all this and more here!

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Dana said...

Just a minor correction -- I mistakenly referred to the young Hotshot girl as Maggie in this discussion, but her character's name is actually Becky. Apologies!

-Dana from TV Geek Out