Saturday, October 15, 2011

TV Geek Out 223: Boardwalk Empire, "A Return to Normalcy"

Boardwalk Empire’s freshman season comes to a conclusion with “A Return to Normalcy,” an episode that wraps up all those pesky plot threads that seemed impossible to bring together when they first started to unravel back in the Martin Scorsese-directed pilot. Rothstein and Nucky make peace, the D’Alessios meet their grisly end, and Nucky remains in power in Atlantic City while enjoying a nice walk along the Boardwalk with Margaret. However, the episode also brilliantly sets up a number of new plot elements that promise for an amazing second season, including the possibility that Nucky will have to treat old friends as enemies, Val Alden’s learning about some unintended consequences for his actions, and Angela using her hair to let Jimmy know their relationship is in serious jeopardy. Join the TV Geeks as we rave, rant, and relive the wrap-up to the Emmy-winning show's first season. Check it all out here!

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