Wednesday, November 19, 2008

TV Geek Out 23: The Office, "Customer Survey"

The yearly customer survey is upon Dunder Mifflin again, and Dwight and Jim aren't just robbed of good reviews -- they're mugged! Hypothetical sales, a crucial missed America's Got Talent party and more of Angry Andy made this one of the wackier episodes of the season. Did the "I was raped" joke go too far? Was Dwight's mustardy shirt more of a spicy brown or French's yellow? Was the world's smallest bluetooth a big mistake for Jam? The TV Geek Out geeks ponder it all over piping hot drinks served in their party favor mugs.

Check it out here.

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Blair said...

I missed this episode, so thanks for helping me catch up! I enjoy your witty repartée and perceptive comments, so you go, tvgeekout!