Tuesday, December 16, 2008

TV Geek Out 39: The Office, "Frame Toby"

Despite providing the episode with its title, Dwight and Michael's attempted frame-job of Toby with a (very fresh-looking) caprese salad is one of the least important things that happens during "Frame Toby." Pam's frustration with returning to the office bubbles over into a not-so anonymous note signed "Disappointed," although she didn't seem to feel that way about Jim's surprise present of his parents' house (or did she?) and Ryan has a farewell makeout session with Kelly before he leaves for Thailand. Evil snails, shag carpeting and disturbing clown paintings and the fine line between controlling and romantic are just some of the creepy and hilarious things the TV Geek Out geeks geek out about this time.

Check it out here.

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