Wednesday, December 17, 2008

TV Geek Out 40: Grey's Anatomy, "In the Midnight Hour"

Grey's Anatomy seemed to go off the deep end with "In the Midnight Hour," resorting to steamy GHOST SEX between Izzie and "Denny" in order to keep beloved guest star Jeffrey Dean Morgan somehow on the program. That might not have even been the most ridiculous element of this particularly absurd episode, which also brought us a covert intern-on-intern appendectomy and a seemingly unbelievable poop transplant between a husband and wife (though that actually has a real medical basis!). Was this the episode where Grey's finally jumped the shark? Did that already happen long ago, or is the show shark-proof? Has Izzie lost her mind, or have the writers lost theirs? The TV Geek Out geeks ponder those questions and more, including how the hell any of the doctors at Seattle Grace even still have a job.

Check it out here.

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