Monday, February 2, 2009

TV Geek Out 59: Heroes, "Our Father"

Heroes started to get back on the right track with "Our Father," taking Sylar back to the dark side and finally putting an end to the dull villainy of Arthur Petrelli. Masi Oka was thankfully given some real material to work with, and he knocked it out of the park; acting opposite Tamlyn Tomita, who played his dying mother, Oka brought a new and welcome depth to his character in the heartrending scene they shared. The TV Geek Out geeks complain just a little bit more about some of the pitfalls and missed opportunities of the "Villains" volume, but mostly give props to the stuff the show was starting to get right again. They also ponder the inconsistencies of some characters' powers (Parkman, we're looking at you) and consider the logistics of running into oneself in the past while time traveling.

Check it out here.

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