Tuesday, February 3, 2009

TV Geek Out 61: Lost, "Jughead"

"Jughead" might have had a slightly slower pace than "Because You Left," but it still crammed in a bunch of brain-twisting revelations -- and not all of them happened on the island! We learn that Penny and Desmond have a conveniently and sentimentally named little boy, Charlie, and that Faraday left a girl in a "time coma" during his Oxford days. We also learn that the island circa 1954 is just as hostile and mysterious as it is half a century later -- and that Richard, in the words of Juliet, is "old." Just who is that mysterious blonde Other that Faraday seems to recognize? And was Widmore born on the island? So many puzzles, so little time, but the TV Geek Out Geeks loved every moment.

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