Tuesday, February 10, 2009

TV Geek Out 64: The Office, "Moroccan Christmas"

A Moroccan Christmas isn't your grandmother's Christmas, but this Office holiday episode kept up the show's tradition of serving up the the laughs with an extra helping of awkwardness. What better time of year for Phyllis to reveal that Dwight and Angela have been carrying on behind Andy's oblivious, sitar-playing back? Why not have Toby grovel for a Princess Unicorn doll only to find out he paid double for a toy that was even better than what he wanted? And 'tis the season for Michael to try and force Meredith to hit rock bottom after almost immolating herself due to a little too much holiday cheer. Not all of the TV Geek Out Geeks loved "Moroccan Christmas," but we each had a One of Everything and settled in for a long winter's Office discussion.

Check it out here.

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