Friday, February 13, 2009

TV Geek Out 66: Lost, "The Little Prince"

In "The Little Prince," the island survivors continue to time-jump, experiencing what seems like the island's greatest hits on shuffle. Too convenient or a fun treat for long-time fans? For Charlotte, all that matters is that this temporal instability is giving her a life-threatening case of extreme jet lag, which also starts to affect Miles (and later Juliet), solidifying suspicions about the snarky ghost whisperer's origins. Sawyer gets emotional when he glimpses Kate helping Claire's baby, Aaron, into the world, and even grumpier when they get mysteriously shot at while canoeing. Back in L.A., the stories of the Oceanic Six start to converge, thanks to the master manipulations of Ben. But the most geek-out-worthy moment comes right at the end, when Rousseau and her crew of dashing Frenchmen appear and then fish the not-at-all-dead Jin out of the water. OMG, indeed! Is the show getting too soapy with the melodrama? Too sci-fi with the time travel? Is it impossible to please all of Lost's fans at once? The TV Geek Out geeks discuss these questions and many more.

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