Tuesday, February 17, 2009

TV Geek Out 67: 24: Redemption

TV Geek Out geek Dana takes on the TV feature 24: Redemption in preparation for the addition of 24 to the podcast roster. Bridging the gap between the somewhat disappointing season six and the new seventh season, the 2-hour real-time extravaganza focuses on Jack Bauer's quest to protect a group of African orphans from a brutal warlord and his minions, who want to turn them into brainwashed child soldiers. An impending African coup and the inauguration of the first female U.S. president in D.C. are the backdrop for this exciting feature, which also stars the fantastic Robert Carlyle. In the spirit of 24's ever-ticking clock, the geeks time Dana's review, with only ten minutes to spare!

Check it out here.

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