Saturday, March 21, 2009

TV Geek Out 79: Gossip Girl, "You've Got Yale" and "Carnal Knowledge"

"You've Got Yale" and "Carnal Knowledge" weren't among Gossip Girl's most stellar moments, and in fact spotlighted some of the show's biggest problems. Chuck's Uncle Jack was sent packing in the opera-tastic "Yale" when it seemed like he could have caused mischief for at least a few more episodes, while Dan and Serena broke up for the umpteenth time during "Carnal Knowledge" ... and the less said about Chuck's Eyes Wide Shut-like adventure with the mysterious party girl Elle, the better. TV Geeks Dana and Heather love Gossip Girl for its silly soapiness, but we couldn't quite get behind these episodes. However, we had a lot to say about them!

Check it out here.

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