Wednesday, September 23, 2009

TV Geek Out 101: Mad Men, "The Arrangements"

**Now with improved audio! Thanks again for your patience with our technical difficulties.** Humps, Ho-Ho and jai alai, oh my! Despite the somber themes and events of "The Arrangements" -- which included a lot of contemplation about child-rearing and the surprisingly sudden death of Eugene Hoftstadt #2 -- the episode also held quite a bit of humor. This being Mad Men, most of the laughs were of the uncomfortable kind: Peggy's new living arrangements with the fun-loving, Joan-in-training Karen Ericson (played by Carnivàle and Undeclared's Carla Gallo!) probably won't end well, but hearing Peggy try to merely pronounce the word "fun" was highly entertaining. Sal's note-perfect rendition of the Bye Bye Birdie-aping Patio ad for his wife Kitty was equally funny and sad, as well as a little tense -- just how much does she realize about her husband now? The TV Geek Out Geeks ponder this, Betty's deep denial about her life and emotions, just how ethical it was for Sterling Cooper to take Ho-Ho's ambitious and deluded jai alai campaign, just how much therapy Sally will need in the future and much more. Sneak some ice cream with Grandpa Gene, then check out our discussion here.

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