Monday, September 28, 2009

TV Geek Out 102: Mad Men, "The Fog"

To paraphrase the lyrics of Laura Nyro, it turns out that when Gene’s gone there’ll be one Gene born to carry on. And as Betty delivers the new baby, she’s stuck in a drug-induced stupor -- hallucinating about Medgar Evers, her parents, and bloody mops. But she isn’t the only one in “The Fog” who seems to have lost her bearings: Sally is acting up at school, a drunken corrections officer turns Don into his father confessor, and both Pete and Peggy are unnerved by an intriguing Duck call. It was an episode chock-full of memorable moments, so light up a big fat stogie to celebrate the arrival of Gene Draper, and join us as we try to find our way through The Fog. Check it out here.

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