Saturday, November 21, 2009

TV Geek Out 111: Emmys 2009 Chat

The TV Geek Out crew chats about this year's Emmy broadcast in this belated awards wrap-up. Who deserved their golden statuettes and who was wrongfully honored? How did the geeks think funnyman Neil Patrick Harris fared as a first-time host? What was the one win TVGO geek Dana needed (and got!) during the whole evening's awards? Heather, Perry, and Dana rail against the injustices and laud the rightful winners -- and even discuss some of the fall's new shows -- here.


MJ said...

Hi, i love your guy's podcast but I had a question. why are most of the episode so outdated? the emmys were a while ago and also with your 30 rock episodes? would love to know the reason. thanks

TV Geek Out said...

Hi, MJ. Thanks for your comment and your compliment! We do this podcast in our free time, and our private lives and jobs have been taking up a lot of our time lately. We're making a big effort to get caught up. The issue is mostly a backlog of unedited podcasts. We've still been meeting weekly to chat about shows, so if you can be patient with us, we'll still be delivering all the goods soon. Thanks again for listening!