Friday, January 29, 2010

TV Geek Out 123: Lost, "Dead Is Dead"

TV Geek Out continues our coverage of season 5 of Lost with our discussion of one of its best episodes, "Dead Is Dead." It's the Ben and Locke magic hour! Or at least it seems magical when we get this many Michael Emerson/Terry O'Quinn scenes in one episode! The storyline revolves around Ben, his tense reunion with Locke on Hydra Island, and their journey to The Island so that Ben can supposedly face some Smokey judgment. Along the way, flashbacks fill in more info about Ben's past, including how he stole Alex from Rousseau and eventually banished Widmore, and how he came to be ├╝ber-beaten-up before the Ajira flight. Meanwhile, back on Hydra, Ilana is overseeing the preparation of a rather large, mysterious metal box for transport.... Listen in as Dana, Heather, and Perry have a major geek-out about the brilliant acting by Emerson and O'Quinn, as well as discuss the mysteries of Smokey and all the other goings-on here.

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